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Patricia Loud, Matriarch of ‘An American Family,’ Dies at 94


The Des-series, which aired on PBS in 1973, is considered one of TV’s first reality shows.

Patricia Loud, best known for being the Matriarch of the PBS dinner-series A American Family, died of natural causes at her home on Sunday. She was 94 years old. The family reported his death on Facebook.

“With uncompromising grief, we are sad to share the news with friends and family that on Sunday, January 10 at 1:55 pm, Pat Loud passed away peacefully in his sleep due to natural causes. In his comforting home Had escaped safely. Michelle, Delilah, Kevin, and Grant, loving the children, “the post reads, in part.

Loud was born Patricia Claire Russell on October 4, 1926, in Eugene, Ore. He studied world history and English literature at Stanford University, graduating in 1948. He returned to Eugene, where he met Bill Loud. The two married in Mexico City and welcomed their first son, Allanson “Lance” Russell Loud, in June 1951. They had four more children: Kevin and Grant and daughters Delilah and Michelle.


The Loud Family became famous as the themes of an American family, which was filmed in 1971 and aired on PBS in early 1973. The show was considered groundbreaking and is now known as the first reality TV series.

The aim was to chronicle the daily life of the family, who was living in Santa Barbara at the time but ended up showing Bill and Pat’s separation and eventual divorce. The show is also credited as one of TV’s first openly gay characters, “Lance’s coming-and-go performance.”

Pat moved to the Upper East Side of New York and worked in the publishing industry before relocating to Bath, England. She returned to LA after Lance was diagnosed with HIV. hepatitis C. Bill died due to complications in 2001, and before Lance died, Pat took Bill back together, as his last wish. Bill died in 2018, also from unnatural causes.


After an American Family telecast, the family was featured in two follow-up specials, 1983’s American Family Revisited and 2003’s Lance Loud! A death in an American family.

The 2011 HBO movie, Cinema Verite, gave a fictional account of the creation of an American family, with Dion Lane nominating a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Pat.

His family wrote on Facebook, “Pat Loud was a fierce, inflexible, clearly mature and champion of outsiders and loyalists.” “Her door was never locked and there was always room at her desk. Never for remorse or reflection, she moved forward in life with enthusiasm and courage.”

Pat is survived by his children Kevin, Grant, Delilah, and Michelle.

In lieu of flowers, the family is asking that a rescue train be donated in his name to

“But … you know what he’s really like?” The Facebook post continued. “Throw something delicious in the oven and let the aroma fill the house. During the stroke at 5 pm, gather friends and family around a tray of savory treats.

Fill a glass with ice and – if you really want to get it right – everyone takes one, very little vodka. Maybe (definitely) two. Then sit down to eat at a crowded table. Tell stories, put music, laugh, and make a lot of noise. Seconds, clean plates. And love each other. She loves him. ”

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