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All of Us Are Dead



All of Us Are Dead is a Korean language drama series that was released in theaters on 28 January 2022. It is directed by Lee Jae kyoo and Kim Nam-Su. The star cast of the series is Park Ji-hu, Cho Yi-hyun, Park Solomon, Lee Kyu-Hyung, Yoo In-soo, Yoon Chan-young, Kim Byung-Chul, Lee Yoo-mi,  and Jeon Bae-soo.

This web series is based on a novel that was published between 2009 and 2011. In addition, It consists of one season which has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode has a length of 55 to 7 minutes. That is, it will take you 12 hours to watch these dramas. You can watch this web series on Netflix. This is a Korean Drama, Romance, Thriller, Action, Horror, Zombie web series.


This drama begins in high school. The spread of the zombie virus from high school. Because of this, the students were trapped there trying to get out of the high school. In this high school, a professor teaches them about the virus. Any virus is formed due to pollution of its right side. And any human could beat it privately.

The virus is developed through the bite of a mouse. That rat bites a girl from the high school. And that girl gets affected by this virus. The girl starts cutting and attacking the high school students one by one.

And after that everyone tries to get out of the school in order to save their lives. But all the students of Bihar are in the grip of this virus. To save the rest of the students, you create your own groups and start killing the zombie students. Soon this virus starts spreading in the whole city.


There will be a new twist in all the episodes of this web series. And the turns that come, are very extraordinary, which no one expected. You will be totally surprised to see it. Because you must have seen any such Zombies Web Series before.


The first and best thing is school life in this web series. Friends, inside this web series you will not only get to see Zombies, but you will get to see the entire school life. In which you will be shown how children are inside the school, which child likes whom, which boy is liked by which girl and which girl is liked by which boy.

It will also be shown inside the school how the children fight with each other. They even kill each other. How do you envy each other? Even the child who is the most intelligent, how is he seen? And how do girls become mothers inside the school? If you say friends, in All Of Us Are Dead Web Series Hindi Dubbed, you will get to see the experience of school life completely and well.

The second best thing about this web series in the making of its characters. Friends, I am surprised that every character has been shown to be made in this web series. Meaning every person who gives him participates in this web series is shown closely. What is the relation of every person to another person, what kind of feelings does he keep. Meaning everything is shown very well.

Those who want that they know all the characters of All Of Us Are Dead Web Series, and want to see the character and All Of Us Are Dead Web Series Story being made, then this web series is for you. Because the characters do not have many roles, they are also shown well.


At last, the third good thing about this web series is the story of this web series. I hope that many people have also seen this web series.

It is shown that children who get stuck in school because of zombies, how they survive, how to save their life, how they fight with each other, how to fight each other.

How they kill, how they fight with zombies, how they help each other, how they control their hunger, how they try to survive. This is the story of this web series, it is of the highest level.

Even before this, you must have seen Zombies Based Web Series And Movies, in which all this is shown how to avoid zombies. But you will not have seen the story and acting like All Of Us Are Dead Web Series Hindi Dubbed. Everything is shown exactly as reality. All Of Us Are Dead Web Series is one of the best zombie movies.

So those people who like to watch school life and school stories, then do not forget to watch All Of Us Are Dead Web Series Hindi Dubbed. You will get to watch this web series in Hindi on Netflix.

Besides that, the most important thing to remember in this web series is this, in the beginning, a boy takes the name “Train To Busan Movie”, and now what is this Train To Busan? Friends, this is a zombie film, it is also a Korean film. I recommend you to watch it too. In which all zombies are made inside a train. You will also find Train To Busan in Hindi Dubbed.


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Do not watch this web series sitting with your family. There is no “Adult Scene” in this web series, but if you watch All Of Us Are Dead Web Series in Hindi Dubbed, then you will get to see a lot of streets or abusive language.

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