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Top 10 Bollywood Banned Movies in India


Bollywood Banned Movies in India

In Today’s world, acting is the profession for a person. Youngers, as well as small ages of children, want to start their career from acting and become popular all around the world. due to digital resources’ popularity. Great Actors all over the world, have always left a huge impact on their audience through their Bollywood and Hollywood movies, web series, and TV entertainment shows.

They motivate, entertain, impart knowledge and even inspire us. Due to that, they are counted in the blockbusters category and make their unique identity in the world. Bollywood is the largest movie industry in the world which produced the number of movies every year. However, from all, some are hits, flops, and the average. Films that indulge in suggestive (read vulgar) scenes, gender taboos, strong (read bold) language,   Kashmir issues, religion, and movies which are way ahead of from its time.

Generally, The Indian movie industry has mostly steered clear of political and social issues for the big screen. If we talking about India, these subjects rarely come without controversy. But there comes a moviemaker who chooses to tell her/his story in their unique way like fearless, brave, and more importantly, unfettered by consequences.

In India, the Censor Board has banned a lot of Bollywood movies in the last decade and more movies are being banned for their objectionable content that does not match criteria. From which, Most movies are either put on hold, sent for a re-shoot or are completely banned by the government of India.

Banned movies in India are rising day by day due to technology impacts and audience reaction. The number of movies banned by the Censor Board of Film Certification has reduced in the past decade. However, it wasn’t like this in the 90s or the early 2000s movies. Movies that talked about religion, sexuality, or explored a topic of taboo were quickly stripped off their theatre before releasing in India.

It is also true that the debates around freedom of speech and an individual’s right to express themselves to make their position in society and more tolerant of opposing views and opinions. Those things are also looking up for the Indian Bollywood cinema industry with a lot of movies getting the green flag from the CFBC.

Top 10 Bollywood Banned Movies in India

There are many Bollywood Banned Movies in India which are flop due to various reason. It is flop due to unwanted issues and not able to make their position in people as well as society. Here, we discuss top 10 Bollywood Banned Movies in India which are as follows:

  1. Bandit Queen(1994)
  2. Fire(1996)
  3. Kama Sutra(1996)
  4. Urf Professor(2000)
  5. The Pink Mirror(2003)
  6. Paanch(2003)
  7. Black Friday(2004)
  8. Parzania(2005)
  9. Sins(2005)
  10. Water(2005)


  1. Bandit Queen(1994)


Bandit Queen was the first banned movie in India which was released in the year 1994. It is commonly based on a straight-up ‘vulgar’, ‘indecent’ ‘offensive’, and almost just like a laughter story at the cinematic conservatism of the Indian censor board. The subject was to create such a wrong impact. This story is based on the life of Phoolan Devi. and directed by Shekhar Kapur which was banned due to its explicit sexual content, abusive language, and nudity which the Censor Board could not digest.


The movie received critical acclaim at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival and the 1995 New Director Films Festival in New York. But the real-life of Phoolan Devi sued to prevent the release of the film, which had also been banned by the Indian censor’s board, also fiercely disputing its accuracy. The rape scenes and the Behmai village scene where she’s forced to walk on the naked up to the well, to include some of those.  It was also successful to win the heart of the audience.


  1. Fire(1996)

Fire movie was the second banned movie in India which was released in 1996. Deepa Mehta’s work in this movie is recognized for its global content and appeal. Among the audience, one such movie was ‘Fire’ which garnered a lot of critical acclaims worldwide but failed to win the heart of Hindu groups in India due to its unmatches subject, which includes lesbian relationships between two sisters-in-law in a Hindu family.

The controversy story ended with the leading actors, Nandita Das and Shabana Azmi along with their director Deepa Mehta receiving death threats and Censor Board finally banning the movie in India.


  1. Kama Sutra(1996)

Kama Sutra was the third movie banned in India which was released in 1996. Kama Sutra – A Tale Of Love too faced the wrath of the Censor Board in India which termed it ‘explicit’, ‘immoral’ and ‘unethical’ for the audiences of the nation which came up with the subject and concept of Kama Sutra.

This movie is directed by Mira Nair, which finally depicted the lives of four lovers in the 16th century in India, was a super hit with the critics but a major flop with the Censor Board in the country and ultimately got banned. The movie was seen as immoral and unethical for the Indian audiences which throws wrong impacts.


  1. Urf Professor(2000)

Urf Professor was the fourth banned movie in India which was released in the year 2000. This movie was directed by Pankaj Advani’s starring Antara Mali, Manoj Pahwa,  and Sharman Joshi in the main lead role. The movie tells about the journey of the protagonist after a hit-man’s car and a winning lottery ticket that went missing and the chaos that follows.

However, what irked the Censor Board against it were the ‘vulgar scenes’ and ‘bold language’ used in this black comedy, which ultimately led to a ban on the movie due to unwanted issues. Finally, it banned by the government of India. It is believed that the movie used the wrong ‘vulgar scenes’ and ‘bold language’, which was eventually led to a ban on the movie. However, the story of the movie was greatly praised by foreign producers all over globally except India.



  1. The Pink Mirror(2003)

The Pink Mirror was the fifth banned movies in India which were released in the year 2003. This experimental movie became the norm, gender issues were still a miscellaneous topic to explore until now. The Pink Mirror was directed by Sridhar Rangayan which brought the concept of trans-sexuality to the forefront in India.

The story mainly dealt with the quest of a gay teenager and two transsexuals to seduce a straight man. Due to its concept, the Censor board got offended by the ‘vulgarity’ in the movie and banned it in India. Pink Mirror is based on homosexuality. It is also portrayed and had content about transsexuals and transgenders. Again it was too much for the censor board and they decided to through out the movie. ‘The Pink Mirror’ mainly dealt with the issues of gender discrimination.


This movie was produced by Sridhar Rangaya. In this, he shows the concept of trans-sexuality, which is still a sensitive and good topic to explore in India. The story revolved around transsexuals and a gay teenager who wants to seduce a straight man. Despite much criticism, the movie got high ratings and rave reviews.


  1. Paanch(2003)

Paanch is the sixth banned movie in India which was released in 2003. This movie is directed by Anurag Kashyap. It faced a lot of heat from the Censor Board from the beginning. It is based on the story of Joshi-Abhyankar serial murders in 1997. The movie was based on the Joshi-Abhiyankar serial murders committed by 4 commercial art students between January 1976 and March 1977 in Pune, India.

This was Anurag Kashyap’s first feature film. The movie was a thriller with high crass language, octane violence, and drug abuse. Due to that, The Censor Board decided to ban the movie in India and people awaiting the release of the pirated version of the movie. The movie was full of roughness and extreme brutality, with drug abuse and insensitive language. Eventually, the Censor Board decided to ban the movie and it was never released in India so far.


  1. Black Friday(2004)

Black Friday is the seventh banned movie in India which was released in the year 2004. It is loosely adapted from the famous book Black Friday – The True Story of the Bombay Bomb Blasts. This movie was directed by S Hussain Zaidi, Anurag Kashyap’s.

This movie faced a stay order from The Bombay High Court because of the 1993 Bombay blasts case and remained slated-to-release until the trial got over and after some time this movie is banned in India. Black Friday was the petition filed by one of the accused in the year of 1993 blasts, Mushtaq Moosa Tarani, the Bombay High Court raised a ban.


  1. Parzania(2005)

Parzania was the eighth movie banned in India which was released in the year 2005. It cut open the wounds of Gujarat’s scarred past and received appreciation and backlash in equal amounts of ratio.

This movie was based on a superb plot which story revolved around a small boy called Azhar who goes missing during the Gujarat riots in the year 2002. Even though the film won a National Award in that time, but its cinematic excellence was not considered enough for political parties to let it screen in Gujarat, and Gujarat people decided to ban it.

This movie also won a National Award but was still not considered appropriate enough title for political parties to let it release in Gujarat and face many obstacles. Parzania faced obstacles wrath as it was based on the story of a boy, who gets lost during the Gujarat riots.  Later, it received a go-ahead for digital viewership and comments, after that available in India on Hotstar.

  1. Sins(2005)

Sins are the ninth banned movies in India which were released in the year 2005. The story of this movie is revolved around an erotic journey of a Kerala priest who falls for the charms of a woman and gets sexually involved with her in a relationship. Due to that, The society where he lived is Filled with obsession, lust and struggles with the norms of, Sins did not go down well with the Catholics.

People thought that the film projected Catholicism in a very immoral light and create the wrong impact. The Censor Board too had issues with its nude scenes seen in the movie and got banned in India. Sins did not go down with the Censor Board and Catholics the too, had issues with the scenes in the movie.



  1. Water(2005)

Water is the tenth banned movies in India which were released in the year 2005. This movie was produced under the direction of the Deepa Mehta movie which courted a lot of controversy during the launch of the movie because of its dark insights on the life of the Indian widow, who suffer many hassles in her life.

The movie is set in a certain Ashram of Varanasi and the script of the movie was written by none other than a well-known director Anurag Kashyap and took up many controversial issues like misogyny and ostracism which were alien to the Indian Censor Board. This movie dealt with social issues like ostracism and sexism which was claimed strongly insensitive by the Indian Censor Board back then.

However the movie was not released in India, it was much appreciated and praised in other countries except India.In 2005, the movie was widely attacked by protesters and around 2000 fanatics even destroyed the sets of the film after that it was banned in India. John Abraham is well known for choosing scripts that have impactful stories such as Madras cafe, Parmanu, and No Smoking.


After Analysing all about banned movies in India, we conclude that this movie can be won the heart of the audience due to its concept and subject which creates the wrong impact of generation and censor board decided to ban it in India.



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