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Cila – The footwear brand of India


Cila – The footwear brand of India

Keywords – Cila
Startup Name Cila’s
Headquarter  KAMRUP, Assam
Founders Moon Merchant, Farukur Rahman, and Mafidul Islam
Sector Footwear
Founded 23rd February 2021


Introduction: Cila – The footwear brand

In today’s Fashion Era, footwear has become an essential part of every person’s closet. Everyone wants to wear the best shoe brands like Cila which make a good impression of their personality. Due to that, the Selection of shoes is an important factor and especially buying from the correct brand is very important.

The importance of getting the right shoe is only understood when you wear it and feel their comfort and when it comes to “BRAND” people have certainly got many choices for choosing the most popular shoe brands in India.

There are so many ‘high-tech’ features for shoes these days – to the point that some shoes seem more like gadgets than footwear.  In this article, we will tell about one of the best shoe brands named “Cila – The footwear brand of India”.

“Cila – The footwear brand of India” the newly comes footwear brand in the market which offers you unique designs and quality in your shoe collection. They provide us comfortable shoes for Men’s, Boys’ and Classics. Besides that, It also offers you boots, Oxford Shoes, Canvas Shoes, Sports Shoes, and many more. Variants for other sports such as bicycling and athletics are also made by Cila Shoes. The raw materials used for shoes, including soles, are manufactured in-house.

After wearing it, you can easily do your daily activities of sports like running, trekking, golf, snowboarding, skateboarding, basketball, soccer, tennis, football, adventure, and outdoor activities. Cila’s main motive is to provide high-quality shoes at affordable prices. So everyone can wear it.

Because We understand the expectations of a ‘price conscious’ customer and work to deliver value to the expanding middle-class segment in India. We offer quality footwear that is affordable for the entire family.  Now, we have launched the shoes only for men but we will be trying to launch them for kids and women by the end of this year.

The brand is also well established and has a cult following. It has two manufacturing units and its own tannery to increase its production capacity and fulfill the growing needs of consumers. They have a huge variety of formal leather shoes, casual shoes and others used to provide comfort and style to the users.  This brand unites several options: provides strength and grip, which is essential for taking a weight, offers more liberty to get around and even run a short distance, and gives you a fashionable look.

It is available in different colors and designs as customers want. The products of cila’s brand are basically removable, additional cushioning, lightweight, and moisture-wicking, and agile. They use high-quality material that has been a very important reason for their growth. In addition to that their contemporary and trendy designs have contributed to the same.


About Us:Cila – The footwear brand

Cila footwear brand is one of the most trusted and best footwear brands in India. The company has been started on 23rd February 2021.

Our Company operates through two distinct business verticals, Retail, and Distribution, each with its predominantly own customer base, sale channels, and product range. We have established our growth and success in these two segments, serving customers’ needs for affordable and quality footwear.

The brand Cila is associated with apparel, accessories, and sporting goods as it deals in the production of lifestyle brand footwear. The company has integrated technology with innovation and now its products are equipped with heel counters, blended gel inserts, and a great range of sizes especially related to wide/narrow widths. The company has amalgamated existing technologies and the latest innovations to create a signature product in a flawless manner.

Head office address-






KAMRUP (R),, ASSAM, 781102.

Co-Founder: Cila – The footwear brand

The footwear brand Cila was founded by three co-founders together named Moon Merchant, Farukur Rahman, and Mafidul Islam. Here, we will discuss the Biography of Cila founders which are as shown below:

Who is Moon Merchant?

Moon Merchant is a programmer, Android app and website developer, and designer. He is basically a computer student who completed his Graduation, BSc in Information Technology (IT) in the year 2019. After completing graduation he developed a website and application as a freelancer. He loves to create new things. He always learning new skills. He was a part-time professional hacker in his college life.

He is a workaholic, Doesn’t like to explain things, he just wants to show by doing means Introvert, tirelessly, unflaggingly, optimistic and awkward in nature. Don’t like to talk much. Always busy with his laptop and mobile. Always want to create new things with great ideas. He can do anything online. An unusual thing about him though is that he is not afraid to fail on the national stage.

He still lives in the thought that, a Failure is an option that inspires people to do it correctly from next time. He typically wakes up at 7 am, getting 6 to 6.5 hours of sleep moon genuinely believes that what he’s doing is good for the world and that it’s making a positive difference. “Complaints are a sign that there is a problem to be solved,” he says. “Paying attention to complaints is a great way to find innovative ideas that people actually need.”

Now, he is working as the Chairman of the ROYAL GALAXY HERBAL PRIVATE LIMITED. He handles complete operations of the company along with the technical department, sales department, and marketing strategy. So it’s not surprising that his daily life is pretty jam-packed. he is probably working harder than anyone he employs and makes them feel like they need to catch up and impress their leader.

He thinks that It’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better. This wide understanding of physics, math, computer science, and engineering allows him to follow along when his engineers explain problems, and he’s often able to propose solutions that end up working. Each step of the way he uses his obsessive nature and attention to detail to look at all the most efficient possibilities in achieving this one step


Instagram Profile: https://instagram.com/moon_merchant

Who is Farukur Rahman?

Faruk Rahman is a Laboratory technician but sometimes he acts like a real doctor and that saves many people. He can convince people of anything that he wants. He always motivates his partner. He is also a good lecturer who likes to talk to people so much. He can explain things in a very simple way. He thinks he can do anything. Nothing is impossible for him. He never cares what other people think about him, he just focuses on his aim.

He thinks that hard work is an essential element in combating the high chance of failure for some of his more ambitious projects. This can be applied to many other areas of your life too. He believes in the thought that, “Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do. It’s true for companies, and it’s true for products.” He is certainly an extraordinary individual, refusing to give up, and not taking ‘no’ for an answer when he wanted to achieve something.

Faruk said that Setting personal goals is an effective, incomparable way to truly improve your cognitive abilities, practice self-reliance, and supercharge your creativity. One of the most important things he said he tries to do on a daily basis is to use his time proactively rather than reactively. Currently, He is working at the post of CEO of the ROYAL GALAXY HERBAL PRIVATE LIMITED.

Instagram Profile: https://instagram.com/farukur_rahman_sallu

Who is Mafidul Islam?

Mafidul Islam is a good seller who provides applications and digital marketing services to different users. He completed his graduation with BSc in Chemistry. He starts selling things since he was a kid.  He sells iPods and headphones when he was in school. Also, he sold cold drinks at every festival in his village from childhood.  Currently, he is doing it online. He is a nerd. But he can sell almost anything.

He believes that The process to design products was to figure out what was important, simplify how it was delivered, and get rid of everything else. He gave customers new and better ways to think about problems and how to solve them, oftentimes before they realize it by themselves.

He also focused on ensuring that his customers were satisfied. If there was a complaint or a problem with a product that his company produced, he made sure he handled it. He knew that the way to create a super-culture of raving fans was to do it, one customer, at a time. Currently, he is working as the post of CFO of the ROYAL GALAXY HERBAL PRIVATE LIMITED.

Instagram Profile: https://instagram.com/mafidul_islam_kha

Journey:Cila – The footwear brand of India

The chairman of the organization, Moon Merchant developed a digital platform with the help of his childhood friend Mafidul Islam. At the end of December 2019, they both met with Farukur Rahman which is also their childhood friend but he has been studying in a different university. When Farukur completing his studies this all three friends met together. Where they got an idea to make a startup.

In the year 2020, moon merchant and his team established a company named ROYAL GALAXY HERBAL PRIVATE LIMITED. Its headquarter is located in  KAMRUP, district of Assam. Inside the company, they have started building worksheets.


They started selling traditional Assamese/handmade products on Amazon and Flipkart in January 2020 after successfully running the digital marketing agency. That’s how they got the idea to start a shoe brand. After a year head(In the year 2021) they have started their new footwear brand named “Cila – The footwear brand of India”.

The idea of merchandising is to exposure to the Indian market where it is a big one. The main motive of this shoe brand is to provide high-quality shoes at an affordable price. they started their primary business with a single production unit. When they meet together and try to do something together then they become completely unstoppable.

Moon Merchant’s technical expertise in the field and other co-founders business management background seemed like an ideal match, and that sowed the first seeds. His breadth of knowledge also enables him to further push his team to innovate, which drives results that critics and outside experts previously decried as impossible.

Social Media Profiles:

Instagram Profile: https://instagram.com/CilaOriginal

Twitter Profile: https://Twitter.com/CilaOriginal

Official Website: https://CilaOriginal.com

Facebook Profile: https://Facebook.com/CilaOriginal





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