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Hollywood Coalition Calls on Senate Leaders to Act on “Critical Issue” of Pandemic Insurance


Film, television, and sports groups that include SAG-AFTRA, DGA, and the Producers Guild asked senators on Friday for “direct intervention” in the form of temporary federal funds.

A coalition of industry criminals and organizations is again calling on US legislators to implement accessible epidemic risk insurance coverage as COVID-19 continues to disrupt Hollywood production.

“As you develop the agenda for the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs for this year, the film, TV, and sports industries respectfully request that you address the macroeconomic impacts that pose an epidemic risk to our risk Designed for a return of coverage. ” Business, “a group of films,

Independent content production for television and sports groups (The Motion Picture Association, The Independent Film and Television Alliance, NCTA –

The Internet and Television Association, Directors Guild of America, National Association of Broadcasters, IATSE, Producers Guild of America, American Coalition) And SAG-AFTRA) said in a letter addressed to Senate leaders on Friday. “Simply put, it is very challenging for us to work on absentee epidemic insurance coverage.”

The letter was written by Senate Majority Leader Sen. Charles Schumer, Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell, Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Chairman Sen. Sherrod Brown, and ranking member Sen. Patrick J. Tomeya was addressed. The same coalition of organizations sent a letter to ranking members of the US House Committee on Financial Services calling for pandemic risk insurance in November before a hearing in relation to the rape.

Carolyn Maloney’s Epidemic Risk Insurance Act 2020 bill. Without naming Maloney’s bill, this latest paper says, “A long-term public-private partnership on pandemic risk insurance needs to be financed and stabilized employment,”

echoing the language of the pandemic risk insurance act of 2020, And refers to Maloney’s terrorism risk insurance. Act of 2002 as a template for such partnership.

“We urge you to hold a hearing in the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs to review the need for epidemic risk coverage,” the signatories say.

In addition to this long-term solution, the signatories additionally seek “direct intervention” through “temporary, targeted federal funds”, which provide the necessary guarantees of damage coverage to allow productions to jump-start the industry.

On another point of the letter, organizations request that there be a short-term solution of this nature for the industry to exclude the epidemic in the next COVID relief package.

As the organizations elaborated in the letter, since COVID-19 spread across the country in 2020, most productions have been unable to obtain insurance that avoids business disruptions as a result of the epidemic. Without this insurance, productions risk losing the financing they need to obtain.


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