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Next ” Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba “


Next ” Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba ” Story

The story begins with our main protagonist, Tanjiro, who one day has his entire family killed, turning his sister Nezuko into a monster. Other things happen that eventually lead to him becoming part of the Demon Slayer Corps. This immediately sets up a goal, and such a goal is probably somewhat predictable, but I could be wrong as I haven’t read the original source material.

Some specific shonen tropes accompany such a training arc, but nothing out of the ordinary to be honest. There were some parts that felt boring and felt like some things were a bit long drawn out, and there’s a time skip, but otherwise, it’s a pretty solid plot and I’m excited about where they’ll go with it.

Adapted by the godly folks at Studio Ufotable, I had high hopes for his artwork, and well, he delivered. The animation is crisp, clean, and the fight scenes never fail to hypnotize me, even if there’s a little talk at times. One thing I absolutely love is the water effect on Tanjiro’s sword, they look great, and I appreciate the visual style they’re taking with them.

The background art looks really cool with a lot of detail put in. 3D looks amazing, and I think they’re one of the only studios that can really take advantage of a mix of 2D and 3D animations. The only complaint I have is that they will have a 3D model of Tanjiro walking and that sounds very annoying, but other than that, it’s great.

The soundtrack was composed by the famous Yuki Kajira and a lesser-known producer, Go Shina, and can I just say that it sounds amazing? Every action scene they play on this soundtrack I think is more memorable than the fight scene, yes it’s amazing. On top of that, you have one of my personal favorite artists, Lisa, and you have a recipe for success.


Both OP and ED were sung by him, and they are really good too. If you have time, I highly recommend that you listen to the OP and ED yourself.

Tanjiro is your typical shonen hero, the optimist, who wants to protect a lot of things, which would normally be a complaint, but to be honest, I really can’t hate him. At the same time, his special “trait”, shall we say, is also very unique and it is executed brilliantly. Additionally, at episode six, we’re already getting some character development that, as more episodes pass, will eventually be stronger.

Nezuko is our other main character who’s been introduced so far, and while she doesn’t really get any dialogue, she’s just too cute to watch at times, but other than that, I think she’s a plot device. As there is, but it has its moments.

I am enjoying this anime very much. From the terrific visual effects to the absolutely amazing soundtrack composed by two talented people, you have a wonderful time from the beginning of the episode to the end of the episode.

I’m only taking out a point because there were moments that I personally considered boring, and seeing that it follows somewhat stereotypical shonen tropes made me roll my eyes a bit. Still very enjoyable, even if it’s not for you.

Next ” Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba ” Reviews

The story is somewhat new in meaning and character location or setting, I would say that is new to me in shonen anime as well, I am saying this because now shonen anime always starts in a city or suburb areas. It’s nice to see that this anime doesn’t start the story somewhere in the middle of the setting (this anime takes place in the past, it’s not new but different in my opinion).


The action sequences are jaw-dropping and are some that you will look back a few seconds of that scene to watch again. Tanijaro as a character is also a breath of fresh air in this shonen setting, as he doesn’t have lofty goals like becoming the king of the pirates or anything like that.

He just wants to transform his sister into a human form once again and he doesn’t rely on friendship power or ssj 3 or on activating his 4th gear, no he doesn’t need another human to earn his power kind of trains.

The direction on this anime is fascinating too, you can tell that the director cut no corners for the fight scenes (like another anime I know, watching you OPM S2) and he’s got to animate those gorgeous fight scenes. Went in full force.

The only minor problem is that the characters’ CG models are sometimes used when they’re far away or fast-moving, but this use of CG is ten times better than with Goblin Slayer. Ufotable is ahead of the competition when it comes to using CG Studio and it shows here. This is the only anime I enjoy doing the action sequences right. Try it you will enjoy it.

I have just watched 6 episodes but I think it needs to be reviewed. The story of Kimetsu no Yaiba is great. In short, it is about a boy named Tanjirou with a sister who was the unique survivor of a demon’s massacre for his family, but he turns into one and it is Tanjirou’s mission to return humanity to his sister. finds a way.

The art is really awesome, we can see it in every episode with detailed descriptions of the characters, backgrounds, and scenarios. The drawing style is excellent, even with a little bonus at the end of each chapter.


It has a strong and surprising opening that moves according to the story and an OST that comments on every important scene. The ending is also noteworthy. Each character has its own internal story, with Tanjiro and his family and others with their own past.

I really enjoy every episode of this. Though it sounds exaggerated, it makes me feel alive with every sensation she gives me. Overall I give this anime 10/10 because it is perfect in every way. Probably the best of this season.

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