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Disney CEO Bob Chapek Calls Violence at U.S. Capitol a “Sad and Tragic Day for Our Country”


In a statement released on Thursday, Chapek hoped the country could “move forward with optimism and look forward to a better, brighter future for all of America.”

Bob Chapek, CEO of The Walt Disney Company, is speaking after rioting by rioters at the nation’s capital on Wednesday.

Taking to social media on Thursday, Chapek called yesterday’s violence “a sad and tragic day for our country” which was “unlike any in our history”.

“What we saw was an arrogant and unforgivable attack on America’s most prestigious institution and our democracy,” he wrote. “Thankfully, the democratic process we adopt eventually prevails.”

Trump supporters wreaked havoc on Capitol Hill in the US on Wednesday as they ransacked the building and smashed the floor of the US Senate as senators were asked to shelter in the place. Much of the chaos was shared on social media and broadcast live on news networks as broadcasters watched in shock.


More than six hours after the violence erupted, MPs resumed their session and won the presidential-election election of Joden’s electoral college on Thursday morning. Moving forward, Chapek expressed that “Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we come together as a nation – united by our shared values, including decency, kindness, and respect for others. “

“We should seize this opportunity, and move forward with optimism and hope for a better, brighter future for all of America.”

Chapek’s statement follows President Donald Trump’s recent address condemning acts of violence and stating, “Those who engage in acts of violence and destruction, you do not represent our country and those who break the law, you will pay. “

Trump also accepted Congress to validate the results of Biden’s victory and said he would now focus on “ensuring a smooth, orderly and seamless change”. “This moment calls for healing and harmony,” Trump said.

In addition to Chapek, Hollywood stars such as Sacha Baron Cohen, Michael Keaton, Ava DuVernay committed violence on Wednesday. President-elect Joe Biden said in a speech that “scenes of anarchy in the Capitol do not reflect a true America,” echoing his sentiments, with the election of Vice President Kamala Harris. Michelle Obama also released a statement, expressing that her “heart was hard and fast” after the rioters laid siege.


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