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European Box Office Drops $7.5 Billion in 2020 Due to COVID-19


European cinemas saw a 70.6 percent drop at the box office, as the COVID-19 lockdown erased dramatic revenue of $ 7.5 billion.

European cinema was battered by the COVID-19 pandemic, causing the box office to collapse across the continent, resulting in billions of revenue lost.

Figures released on Thursday by the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC), a cinema industry body, showed 70.6 percent box-office revenue across Europe in 2020, with dramatic revenues of $ 7.5 billion (€ 6.2 billion in 38 European regions). Billion).

The decline comes after 2019, which saw a top 1.34 billion penetration across Europe – the highest figure in 15 years – and box-office figures hit $ 10.65 billion (€ 8.8 billion).


Although widespread government response to the coronavirus epidemic among European countries – nations such as Italy and Spain triggered quicker and faster lockdowns in other countries, including Sweden and the Netherlands, opposing less restrictive measures – this gap box-office Not reflected in the results. Revenues fell in equal amounts everywhere, and with few exceptions.

Italy, the first European nation to go into COVID lockdown, saw a 71 percent drop in box office revenue for 2020. In Sweden, which has yet to initiate a formal lockdown, and has introduced capacity restrictions but has not ordered theaters to close, sales fell 65 percent.

Denmark, where the box office fell 47% year-over-year, was a year. But it was largely due to the same film: another roundup of Thomas Winterberg, starring Madaskelan, which was tilted between national lockdowns and a huge hit, selling over 800,000 tickets, making it the most ever Became one of the successful releases. Country.


UNIC noted that several factors contributed to the 2020 box-office crash. Even in areas where theaters were open or allowed to reopen, there was a shortage of titles, with most American studios postponing or canceling the theatrical release of their blockbusters.

National titles could only partially fill that gap. Many European countries saw box office share reach new heights for local titles. In 2020, 49.4 percent of theaters in Danish films were admitted. In France, the figure was 44.9 percent. In Italy, more than half – 56.6 percent – of cinema admissions last year were for local films.


It is of little consolation, however, to Europe’s hard-hitting cinema owners.

“The crisis is far away, with most European theaters still closed,” UNIC noted. “[We urge] policy-makers at the local, national and European levels to implement strong recovery strategies to ensure that European cinema of all sizes and all places – can survive this challenging period and once again Culture can become a vibrant home of freedom., And a community that they have always been. “

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