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Australia’s Leader Vows to Press Ahead With Content Law Despite Facebook Block on News


Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that he has received the support of world leaders after the social media giant saw and shared the news.
Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison vowed to move forward with the country’s proposed content laws that would pay tech veterans for journalism, despite Facebook’s unprecedented move to block news content in Australia.

Facebook’s new rules for Australian users mean that they cannot share Australian or international news, and international users outside Australia also cannot share Australian news. The move has been widely condemned by healthcare and emergency services in Australia.

“Locally there is a lot of world interest in what Australia is doing,” Morrison told reporters at a press conference in Sydney on Friday. “


He said: “That’s why I invite … Facebook to connect creatively because they know what Australia will do here, likely to be followed by many other Western regions.”

On Thursday, Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbault blasted Facebook for his news block in Australia.

“I should condemn what Facebook is doing,” Guilbault said at a news conference. “I think what Facebook is doing in Australia is very irresponsible and compromises the safety of many Australians,” Gillibult said his country would like to adopt the Australian approach as it would begin the process of drafting its own material legislation in the coming months.

Facebook’s decision to take a nuclear option and share and share news is already undergoing a storm of criticism from emergency services in Australia, which relies on social media platforms to protect wildlife, floods, extreme weather and COVID-19 Important information about can be relayed. Other local interests and public safety issues.


Already dozens of Australian children’s hospitals, neighborhood watch organizations, charities, and NGOs have removed positions.

Due to Facebook’s increasingly fraught dispute with the Australian government over the proposed content, its technical rivals have begun to negotiate and strike with several other franchisors.

After initially threatening to withdraw its services from Australia, Google has struck deals with Seven West Media and is close to commercial agreements with Nine Entertainment and national broadcaster ABC.

On Wednesday, Google has signed a landmark deal with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp for journalism, including the company’s Australian assets, to pay for its global news sites.


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