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Gimlet’s ‘Reply All’ Halts Production on Bon Appetit Miniseries


The series – called ‘The Test Kitchen’ – will not go ahead after ‘Reply All’ reporter Shruti Pinnamaneni and host PJ Vogt leave.
Reply to the Gimlet podcast is all going on Hiatus and will not air the final two episodes of its short series about the toxic environment on food magazine Bon Appetit with accusations about its own troubled work culture.

The decision comes a week after senior reporter Shruti Pinnemanni and co-host PJ Vogt appeared on the show after former colleagues reported how they pushed against Jimlet’s union efforts and efforts to diversify staff in late 2018 Worked against the company before the sale to Spotify 2019.

Co-host Alex Goldman released a statement on all podcast feeds Thursday morning, apologizing for “The Test Kitchen,” the interview and interview topics for all colleagues, listeners, and Bon Appetit miniseries.


“Last week, a few days after the publication of the second episode in the four-part series, our former colleagues at Gimlet publicly described several instances of disturbing behavior from Shruti and my long-time co-worker JJ Vogt, ” They said. . “These accounts emphasized our team about the work culture at Reply All.

He left us to ask if we could continue airing this story without questioning ourselves and what has been revealed in Gimlet. We now understand that we should never publish this series as it was reported, and the fact we did was a systematic editorial failure. “

Answers will all keep the first two episodes of “The Test Kitchen” available on its feed but will add a disclaimer. Goldman said the answer would be that all teams would stop production on new episodes of the show, while they “have to get to the bottom of what went wrong here,” and they plan to update the audience as to what happened “as much as we can. ”


Goldman and Vogt premiered Reply All in 2014 as Alex Blumberg and Matt Lieber’s second show from Gimlet, a podcast startup. It has prepared fans for its ability to tell compelling stories about the Internet and online culture.

Pinnamaneni and Vogt have apologized and both are expected to continue in new roles with the company. Last week, Gillette managing director Lydia Polgreen wrote in a memo to employees, “From the moment I arrived at Gimlet, it was clear that our culture needed work, and it was a big thing that it needed to There was a need to change to make it better, more equal space.

We have spent a lot of time working with many of you in partnership to make those changes. These events remind us of how much work is left. ” In a series of tweets with his audio statement, Goldman clarified that Reply All would not end and thanked many people who worked on the show. “This is not the answer to all,” he wrote. “What are we finding out next?”


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