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Harry Styles Crowned Style Icon Of 2020 & We Couldn’t Agree More, Take A Look At His Top 5 ‘Golden’ Fashionable Moments


Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashion fades, style is eternal” and how Harry Styles defines this quote.

What is your first thought when you think of Harry Styles? Um, fashion and style, right? By the way, there is no way to question her fashion sense as she has been named the most popular style icon of 2020.

Looks like 2020 wasn’t bad at all, eh? Harry recently appeared on the cover page of Vogue and attracted the attention of his fans from all over the world.

Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashion fades, style is eternal” and how Harry Styles defines this quote. The Golden Singer breaks stereotypes and rewrote the phrase ‘Manly Man’ on his own terms.

Today, we’ll talk about five times when Harry shocked us with his fashionable golden ‘fashionable moments’. Just look:

The melon Chinese singer is a huge Gucci fan and has a special scent of her own. The 26-year-old wore a powder blue Gucci suit with a white plaid shirt and a gold cross necklace while eating a banana.


Harry Styles gave a clear message that you can wear whatever you want, regardless of your gender. Is not it good? Why do our clothes have X or Y chromosomes related? No, this is your life, and you have to decide what you want!

I don’t understand how Styles pulls these casual shirts better than anyone else. The video of her song Watermelon Sugar became an uproar on social media and fans were getting very angry at her chic wardrobe and of course, women artists who get to eat watermelons for free with style. How is that even fair, I mean? Hi!

The video was ‘very touching’, and it touched our spirits and we wanted to see it on the loop. You don’t need a reason to consider Harry, Period.

Manicured nails, baggy shirt, sun-kissed face, Gucci gloves, Italian air and Harry Styles crochet; What else do you need to make a perfect video for life? Well, nothing more. enough.

Harry’s golden video was everything we needed to survive in 2020, and we’re glad he didn’t disappoint us. As usual, he was fashionable, fashionable, and lively in song.

This is one of my favorites! We have never seen a conservative male singer doing all these things so effortlessly or are we? Not that I remember.

The Adore You singer transformed into a ballerina for Saturday Night Live and the look sent social media into a frenzy. Not even in our wildest dreams, we thought that we would see this angel wearing a pink ballerina.

Harry’s wardrobe has always been a surprise to his fans, especially when he announces a song. The 26-year-old singer shared a photo wearing a sailor type composite jumpsuit and looked as beautiful as ever.


It’s been a year since Adore You was released and their wardrobe was completely styled into the song.

Harry Styles is breaking norms and changing little that he can contribute to society through his fashion sense and choices.

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