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Start-Up Backed by James Murdoch Launches AI Platform for Virtual Artists


With a virtual concert at ‘Fortnite’ attracting a large audience, the firm wants to enable “a new kind of gamified, co-creative musical experience” and has hired 12 “supernatural” artists from a “low-fi laving cyberborg” Is elevated to a higher level. Octane, Half-iguana D.J. “

Online video games Fortnite and Gaming Destination Roblox feature large audiences, Authentic Artists, along with virtual starters, a start-up whose investors include James Murdoch’s Lupa Systems, music, gaming, and streaming applications on Wednesday.

The “creative AI company” said the proprietary audio-visual production platform would be able to “develop a previously seen virtual music experience to truly satisfy the desires, tastes and desires of fans searching for unique content Is designed and can provide interactive artist experiences across the globe, 24 hours to all connected channels. ”

“To deliver a new type of gamified, co-creative music experience,” Authentic Artists said its product “creates fully-produced, high-quality songs performed by AI-powered virtual artists,” it says Given that it is already Prototype 12 such “supernatural” artist – a “high-octane, half-Oyuan DJ from a lo-fi Loving Cyborg.” Fans are able to give each virtual artist input and then “experience results almost immediately.”


The product is “pushing the boundaries of the traditional music industry, where original content is king, by creating unique, fresh, adaptive music content at an unprecedented scale and speed,” said Authentic Artists, aiming to address both. The content requirements of high-growth channels and the needs of viewers whose expectations for music and entertainment have changed in the digital age. “And it was revealed that” there are now billions of gamers globally for whom traditional lines between music and gaming are blurred, or even non-existent. ”

In addition to Murdoch, the firm led by founder and CEO Chris McCreery has high-profile OVO funds, Japan’s Mixi Group, Bill Silva Ventures, Linkin Park co-founder Michael Leoda, Liberty Media senior vice president Chad Hollingsworth, among others. There are investors and advisors such as Brian Rudder, co-head of global technology at private equity firm Paramira, Charlie Walker, co-founder of concert promoter C3Presenters, Craig Donato, Chief Business Officer of Online Gaming Destination Roblox, Liz Hammer, Corporate VP of Gaming Engineering at Microsoft, and Young Guru, Jay-Z, Drake, Audio for Rihanna engineer. And DJ Khalid.


“Virtual Entertainment is the new cultural center of gravity, and today’s digital natives want agency in their world,” McGary said. “Our friendly artists will give it to them, co-create new shared musical experiences and create new art and culture with fans on every connected stage.”

Murdoch, the founder, and CEO of Lupa was added by former 21st-century CEO Fox, who has focused on investing in digital media and other companies: “We are very pleased to support the early development of authentic artists of technology. As creativity and experiences continue to change. Opportunities for new forms of highly scalable social entertainment will suffice. We look forward to working with this impressive team that is well-positioned to lead the space. “

Shinoda stated that “Today’s music can be so much more than just an album release or a live show,” adding: “The ability to interact and even collaborate with listeners in live channels is one of the best in music right now. Offers some exciting possibilities. ” Authentic artists seem to be playing a big role in developing the relationship between the music and the audience. “


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