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KGF Chapter 2 review



“KGF Chapter 2” sets the tone high on style and details for a slick gangster franchise. The first part was about establishing the intentions and power of Raja Krishnappa Bairya, aka Rocky Bhai. The second part has created hype with its promotional material, which gives a glimpse into the film. It does and delivers a better sequel and, in the end, is also a big surprise for the fans.

The film begins with Anand Ingalagi’s son Vijayendra Ingalagi taking over as the narrator. Rocky has won the hearts of the people of KGF Chapter 2 and is now in the process of dreaming bigger and taking more dangerous paths. He encounters Adheera, who is inspired by the Vikings and instills terror, who wants the KGF back. At the same time, he also has to face the righteous Prime Minister Ramika Sen, who also wants to remove Rocky.

It is the story of a man who takes on new challenges after successfully taking over an empire. Rocky kills Garuda (Ramachandra Raju) at Kolar Gold Fields, aka KGF, and takes charge to the annoyance of Guru Pandian (Achyuth Kumar), Andrews (BS Avinash), Rajendra Desai (Lucky Laxman). He hoped to rule the KGF and capture its immense wealth.


The story rushes into a lush tale of Rocky’s journey to the top. Like the first part, the film presents a dark, dreary world that has been shot stylishly. While the first part took time to prove who the protagonist was and involved more time to establish, this second part moves faster and meets more characters. Conflict and fighting are more interesting this time.

KGF Chapter 2 starts well but gets better with Rocky’s stylish entry. It is sure to create a frenzy in theatres. Adheera’s entry is dangerous, while the first confrontation between Rocky and Adheera is quite entertaining. The intermission point is a surprise and will be loved by the movie-goers. The second half begins with a bang. Ramika Sen’s (Raveena Tandon) entry adds to the fun and craziness.


There are two scenes of KGF Chapter 2, Rocky meeting Ramika Sen in the PMO and Rocky going to the police station to get the gold piece. The latter will surely stun the audience! As expected, the finale is out of this world.

The film also showcases Rocky’s emotional side, with a strong love story and even some glimpses of his past life that fueled his ambition. The love story also doesn’t take much away from the story. One of the best shots in the film is the introduction of Adheera, played by Sanjay Dutt. It’s pure magic on screen and whistling organically.

However, Rocky seizes the throne with the help of the enslaved people who believe him to be the Messiah. He also kills Garuda’s brother and heir to the KGF throne, Virat (Vinay Bidappa). Rocky, however, spares Vanaram (Ayyappa P Sharma), the army commander in the KGF. Vanaram, angrily at first, joins Rocky and trains the young children who become the best guards in the area.

Raveena Tandon also has a soundtrack as the prime minister. The other exciting addition to KGF Chapter 2 is Rao Ramesh as the CBI officer. Prakash Raj also makes a good storyteller, adding an immersive feel with his baritone.

This KGF Chapter 2 is as much of filmmaker Prashant Neel as of Yash. Both have managed to deliver a sequel that looks more impressive than the first part. However, Prashant had always maintained that the second part was the bulk of his origin story when he decided to break it into two pieces.

This one is just made to order for audiences who want to watch a packed action film with style, heavy-duty stunts, and dialogues.

KGF Chapter 2 may not appeal to the waking audience, who will question the consensus or nitpick on commercial staples like violence. But for those who love such movies, here’s an essential spoiler, as there’s a hint at a possible third chapter in the end credits, so wait until the end.


The most striking aspect of KGF Part One (2018) was its setting. On every occasion, the camera pulled back perfectly to get a bird’s eye view of the vast gold mines of Kolar, buried deep in the earth, and there, millions of faceless men and women constantly shooing away. The enslaved people were buried under the iron boots of their cruel masters, gambling without stopping for their back-breaking work.

Its scale reminds you of those old MGM movies set in biblical times. The people roaming around in the KGF Chapter 2 had to scream and shout to be seen and heard. So, the background music you reached for was for earplugs. Also, larger-than-life characters led by Rocky (Yash), who announces his arrival as both the Messiah and the Avenger, rolled into one.

At the end of KGF Chapter 2, we get a set-piece in which Yash wields heavy hammers and crushes armies of goons, some looking like they just stepped out of the sets of ‘Mad Max Fury,’ from some old western countries. Srinidhi Shetty is the heroine-there-only-to-the-boy-the-hero.

In his ‘Agneepath’ avatar, Dutt should have made a worthy foe, barring danger, but is made to do nothing but open his mouth and roar. Raveena Tandon makes a little more impact in her cheesy saris and that trademark streak of white hair: She is also responsible for an act that has erased Rocky’s wild and heroic actions from our history books.

The women differ on this point, though: Like the previous one, KGF Chapter 2 is also about men and masculinity and muscles, all oiled up and shiny and torn; When a female hate comment or two comes out of the protagonist’s mouth, the audience dutifully pokes fun at her, as she turns to real business to up the blood-soaked violence quotient at every turn.
The problem with working on their looks in films is that they forget to plot.


The KGF Chapter 2 swings randomly between the past, showing us Rocky’s devotion to his mother (Archana Jois) and the present, in which he rides between a savior and the man who whips and never stops working. Roars at workers for not doing it.

Final Note:

Finally, KGF Chapter 2 is a blockbuster in every way. The film has already generated a tremendous craze and historical advance sales due to the hype, popularity of the first part, massive elements, and Yash’s stylish avatar. Although, it is sure to make a historic debut at the box office and emerge as one of the biggest blockbusters of all time, challenging even the number of pre-pandemic record grosses.

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