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Minnal Murali’s Movie Reviews



Minnal Murali is an Indian Malayalam-language movie which is directed by Basil Joseph and produced by Sophia Paul. The movie was released on 16th December 2021 in theaters. Tovino Thomas and Guru Somasundaram are plays the main lead role in this superhero movie. The script of the movie is written by Arun Anirudhan and Justin Mathew while edited by Livingston Mathew. Apart from that, the music is composed by Sushin Shyam and the total budget of the movie is around 18 crore.

The story revolves around A tailor who gains special powers and magics after being struck by lightning. But if he wants to become a superhero then he must take down an unexpected foe coming in his way.

‘Minnal Murali’ is Basil Joseph’s third film as director. Prior to this, he has directed the Malayalam film ‘Kunjiramayanam’ released in the year 2015 and the film ‘Godha’ released in the year 2017. But for the first time his film ‘Minnal Murali’ has been released Pan India in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi.

Minnal Murali Story

The story of this movie started with a small village in Kerala where a boy living named Jason. This is the story of Taylor himself. His life is going well and he doesn’t take any hassle of any kind. He kept the Posters of India’s superstar Salman Khan and Aamir Khan.

The story is the same as happens in all movies, wherein starting the life is going well and later it takes a new twist and turn. Where a hero gets an electric shock and automatically gets the superpower. Here, he uses the electric power in the wrong way he knows the whole truth by watching the movie fully.


Like in all other movies, when a hero gets a superpower his family explains to him the difference between good and evil. so, You have to make the decision accordingly which you want to choose either good or evil.

We all know that sometimes things are going well in someone’s life and sometimes not. But it depends upon the person that how he makes the communion between them. A perfect balance thing gives you the right way to make it successful.

The same case occurs in the movie where the problem is coming at every phase of Minnal’s life. Sometimes he got afraid to deal with it that if his identity was exposed then what will happen.

Minnal Murali Reviews

The movie ‘Minnal Murali’ fully follows the traditions of Malayalam cinema on a strong script. The film may seem a bit dull for its content but director Basil Joseph does not let the audience get bored with his captivating artistry. He has everything to captivate the audience.

The movie includes an Unemployed youth, an Angry brother-in-law, and a Poor sister. Apart from that, a nephew is also playing an important role who loves his uncle and the main hero belongs to the orphan category. There are two girlfriends of the hero but both are not able to express their love. Eventually, they Help the superhero in the ending part by kicking like a Brussels. Here, Hero is the catalyst of the second story and makes the existence of a villain.

In the movie, all characters’ performance is appreciated by the audience. lead role of Tovino Thomas got famous in his double role. Working as a Jason and Rubbing his thumb on his right and left nose show him uniquely in the whole movie.

When responding yes to his girlfriend after 28 years of waiting, the scene is the lifeblood of the entire movie. Shelly Kishore, Baiju Santosh, Femina George, Aju Varghese, and, Harishree Ashokan have also performed well.


Director Basil Joseph also got help from the technical team for the movie. Although the editing of the movie is weak and also does not leave a good impact on music. While the cinematography of the movie is done by Sameer Tahir in a good way.

The movie has captured the Indian lifestyle in a very attractive manner and the superhero of the movie did not let the glamor overpower the ending of the movie. Besides that, The art and costumes also match the story fully.

The director and writing team of the film has to be praised, who have created a superhero like ‘Minnal Murali’ who has divine powers, but he looks like a normal human in every scene.

He struggles since childhood, sometimes losing his father, sometimes love, but when needed, gives up his dream to help his villagers. The villain of the film does not roar, nor does bullets fire, he is an ordinary laborer, who suffers even in middle age to get his childhood love.

Last but not the least, the acting performance of all the actors in the film, which is strong. Actor Tovino Thomas in the character of Jason and actor Guru Somasundaram in the character of Shibu have given their lives. 32-year-old Tovino Thomas has just completed 10 years in the Malayalam film industry. But after the floods in Kerala in 2018, the way he helped the common people, he was in a lot of discussions. His image is that of a helper, which is also reflected in his character Jason.

Final Note

We reach the conclusion that Meenal Murali is one type of movie that showcase,  you can also use some toughest task to make a movie entertaining by adding some twist and turns.


First of all, imagining a superhero film based on a rural background is a unique thing in itself. From above the characters of superheroes and villains are very indigenous. Despite this, they are excellent.

Seeing the villain turned Guru Somasundaram, one does not get scared but sympathizes with him. It is the diversity of his acting that keeps the villain’s character as impressive as the hero.

Apart from these, Femina George, Aju Varghese, Shelly Kishore, Baiju Santosh, and Harishree Ashokan have also done full justice to their respective roles. Overall, ‘Minnal Murali’ is a great film. If you want to rejoice to watch Desi Superheroes, then definitely watch the film.

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