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‘Mom’ to End With Season 8 on CBS


Chuck Lore ranks as the longest-running half-hour comedy network. Mama is leaving CBS ‘nest. The broadcast network announced on Wednesday that its Chuck Lore comedy starring Allison Jenny would end in May after eight seasons.

“For the past eight years, we have great respect for bringing these amazing characters to life, sharing their struggles and triumphs with millions of viewers each week,” said executive producers Lorre, Gemma Baker, and Nick Buck. “From the beginning, we told stories about recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction, which are rarely featured in network comedy series.

Whether it was the emotional reactions from live audiences on tape night inside Stage 20, or the discussion about the opioid crisis in the White House, or the personal stories we received on social media, we take great pride in knowing that Mom

has positively Has influenced many lives. We are forever grateful to our fabulous artists and guest stars, amazing writers, and amazing crew on this journey with us.

Co-star Anna Farris shocked the industry and the news surfaced until she returned for the eighth season of the multi-camera comedy. Since the premiere of “Mom,” quoted CBS Entertainment president Kyle Kahl as saying, “People have touched people’s lives to deal with weighty yet believable topics with the right, understated touch.”

“Mom redefined what a comedy can be, and we are proud to be Network Home for this amazing series. We are grateful to Dodge Lore and his tremendous creative production team by Gemma Baker and Nick Bakke Starring, and a surprisingly talented cast led by the amazing Allison Jenny. “

The decision to end Mom is currently CBS’s longest-running scripted comedy series, hours after the network gives Lorre’s initial refurbishment to Bob Hurts Abisola and Jim Reynolds ‘The Neighborhood’. Laure’s Big Bang Theory prequel Young Sheldon awaits word on its fifth season; Rookie Be Positive was selected for a full season and fellow players will debut in the United States al April. All hail from Lore’s longhouse at Warner Bros. TV.

Producer Warner Bros. TV said in a statement, “Chuck, Gemma, Eddie, and Nick have created a beautiful series with stories depicting real-life struggles and successes in recovery.” Warner Bros. TV said in a statement, “We are proud of the mom cast, crew. And the writers for their work have had an impact on audiences around the world, and we thank our colleagues at CBS for telling these stories We do. ” The Mom series concludes on Thursday 6 May at 9:01 pm. On CBS.


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