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Peak TV Update: Scripted Originals Dip 7% in 2020, FX Says


The total amount of origin decreases for the first time in a decade, presumably due to a production slowdown amid epidemics.
The total volume of the scripted original TV series dropped for the first time in a decade.

Total original series total at the broadcast, cable, and streaming outlets in 2020, according to data supplied annually by Disney-owned FX. This is 7 percent lower than the 2019 record high of 532.

The decline is likely inspired by the novel coronavirus pandemic, which halted worldwide production for the bulk of 2020. The financial stress brought by the epidemic also led to a handful of scripts being “un-renewed” after factoring in a few things. Like filming logistics, rising production costs, and talent schedules.


For the first time in the decade since the recession, the number of marking programming began to count. FX, under CEO John Landgraf, stopped breaking the original, stating the line between streamers, cable, and broadcast outlets.

Given the industry’s preference over streaming – groups ranging from Disney to NBCU and ViacomCBS have restructured to focus on their respective platforms – it is unclear whether the total number of originals will continue downstream.


Streaming services from WarnerMedia (HBO Max) and NBCUniversal (Peacock) began in 2020, with subscription platforms Netflix, Apple, Amazon, Hulu, Disney +, and CBS Access joining the increasingly crowded market. (The latter is being rewritten as Paramount + in March.) Each platform has continued to aggressively purchase and develop scripted originals as the streaming dollar race becomes priority No. 1 for media titans.

It is unclear whether each platform that is part of a larger ecosystem that includes linear networks will integrate the core. NBCUniversal, for example, has already revealed plans for a cross-platform launch for its Joe Exotic drama, starring Kate McKinnon. HBO Max, meanwhile, is the next-day home for all HBO programming as those two platforms continue to adopt a more harmonious strategy.


Here’s a look at the total volume of the past decade:
2009: 210
2010: 216
2011: 266
2012: 288
2013: 349
2014: 389
2015: 420
2016: 454
2017: 487
2018: 495
2019: 532

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