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Sacha Baron Cohen Claims Biden Team Were “Very Happy” With ‘Borat 2’ Giuliani Controversy


The British actor-comedian believes the infamous bedroom scene involving Donald Trump’s personal lawyer had an impact on the presidential election.

Sacha Baron Cohen claims that Joe Biden’s publicity team was “very happy” with the controversy over Borat’s subsequent movement that embroiled Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani just days before the presidential election.

In an extensive interview for the Guardian published on Friday, Baron-Cohen believes that in the film’s bedroom scene he saw Giuliani was allegedly caught in a conciliatory position with his hands down which had an impact on the election.


“Suddenly he had to try to convince him that he wasn’t playing with himself. It was such a close election that everything was important in those final weeks,” he said. At the time, Giuliani denied that he was acting improperly on his weekly radio program, and described the film as “a hit job”.

The infamous scene became a hot topic on social media, cable news, and late-night television, a week or so before the election last November, and were kept relevant for several news cycles as more revelations surfaced.

Baron-Cohen kept the issue alive by telling Good Morning America, “If the president’s lawyer finds out what he has done appropriately there, heaven knows what he has done to other women journalists in hotel rooms. “


He posted a statement on Twitter in character as Arrogance Borat Sagdyyev just before the President’s final debate. In the short clip, Baron Cohen as Borut said, “I am here to defend America’s, Mayor Rudolf Giuliani.

An innocent sexy time faced with a consenting man and my 15-year-old daughter has been transformed into something disgusting by the fake news media. “He continues,” I warn you, someone else tries this and won’t hesitate to reach Rudolph. In his legal statements and whip his subpoena. “


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