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European Film Spotlight at Sundance Festival


For the first time, the European Film Spotlight Promotion will collaborate with the Sundance Film Festival to promote European films and talent at the 2021 event in Park City.

The European Film Promotion (EFP) and the Sundance Film Festival have announced their first collaboration, which will see European films and talents in the headlines of the 2021 festival, which 2. January-3rd is scheduled for February.

EFP, a group that promotes European shooting stars such as international shoots to European films and filmmakers at the Berlin Film Festival, will establish a virtual Europe! On the festival stage of the Hub of Sundance, primarily to target North American distributors interested in new Euro titles.


The 2021 Sundry line-up features a dozen European films and co-productions, including the world premiere of the Spanish drama El Planeta from director Amalia Uleman, the Hive from Kosovar filmmaker Blata Basholi, and a debut feature from Maltese director Alex Camilleri.

Set during the Zimbabwe elections, Danish director Jonas Pohr Rasmussen, and Christina Lindstrom, and Christian Petrice’s The Beautiful Boy in the World, the animated Doc Flay of Swedish actor Björn Andresen (Death). In Venice), which was picked up by Juno Films before its Park City debut.

The European Film Promotion will also host a panel on co-production between the US and Europe. EFP on Monday announced financial support for digital promotional campaigns for the Hive, The Most Beautiful Boy in the World, and Ronnie Trocker’s German home invasion drama Human Factors.


LevelK is handling world sales on The Hive, Films Boutique is selling the prettiest boy in the world, and Human Factors is being sold by Heritage Outreach. The support comes from EFP’s financial tools Film Sales Support and will go towards online marketing and promotion of films.

The 2021 Sundance Film Festival will be held almost entirely online due to the coronavirus epidemic. The entire festive slate of 71 feature films, 50 shorts, and virtual-reality and augmented-reality offers will be shown online, as do the virtual question and answer sessions and the panel featuring directors and talent.

Sundance is also hosting an online festive village for accredited guests.

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