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The Boys Television Series



The Boys is an American superhero web series which is directed by Eric Kripke on the Amazon Prime Video platform. It is based on the comic book The Boys written by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

The starring cast of the series is Karl Urban, Nathan Mitchell, Elisabeth Shue, Colby Minifie, Aya Cash, Erin Moriarty, Dominique McElligot, Jessie T. Usher, Laz Alonso, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, Chace Crawford, Tomer Capon and, Karen Fukuhara. It basically contains two seasons which have a total of 16 episodes. The first season of the series is premiered on 26th July 2019 and the second series is premiered on 4th September 2020.

The Boys Season 1 

The Boys Season 1 storyline focuses on Billy the Butcher and his team’s mission to control the super-powered Seven. Butcher has a long-standing distrust of superheroes and suspects that Homelander, the leader of the Seven, is behind the disappearance of his wife, Becca.

New members are added to both the Boys and Seven in the form of Hughie, who joins the Boys after his girlfriend is killed by one of the Seven, and Annie (aka Starlight) is welcomed as the newcomer to Seven. But quickly discovers that the group is not all they are made of, especially with Watt International pulling strings.

Season 1 has seen a variety of exchanges and confrontations between the boys and the members of Seven, most of them with the power-boosting Compound-V at the center of the action. Throughout Season 1 there have been casualties with seven members of Translucent, the A-Train’s partner, Popclaw, and Mesmer, who betrayed the boys to Homelander, all biting the dust.


Despite being on opposite sides, Hughie and Annie begin to fall for each other, something that puts them both in danger, while Deep faces exile from Seven when he kills Annie at seven. Forced into oral sex when involved. In the season finale, Compound-V, which was used to give the woman her powers, is listed as a controlled substance by the Pentagon, and the boys are classified as outlaws.

The season ends dramatically when Homelander takes Butcher to see his wife, Becca, who is secretly raising him and Homelander’s son. The revelation that Homelander gave birth to a child with Butcher’s wife leaves him in shock as the credits roll and we’re left with a painful wait for Season 2.

The Boys season 2 

The story of ‘The Boys’ is drawn in two sails. In the second season as well, it moves forward from there. On one side is The Seven’s Ringleader Home Lander and on the other is the Butcher and his companions. In the first season, it is revealed that Butcher believes the Homelander guilty of raping his wife.

Butcher’s entire campaign seems to be weakened by this revelation in the end due to personal enmity rather than social purposes, but what its creators have done in the second season to forget these things can be understood only by looking at the screen. It is true that this is not the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The budget is also not according to him, but whatever has been made, it is alluring. The liver is about to bring the mouth. There is a statutory warning for weak-hearted people to watch this series at their own risk.

The Seven, which decreased from last season, saw the addition of a character named Stormfront, played by Aya Cash, on-screen. In some Marvel series films, Captain Marvel’s entry is Stormfront. The character is too time for a land full of social media knights and a bittersweet satire on changing social contexts.


She is the god of ‘bhakts’ and her growing popularity becomes a cause of envy for her other companions. Antony Star in the role of Homelander has once again been successful in presenting every quality and demerit of his personality with his complete vicious style. The style of Karl Urban standing on the other side of him is no less killer and this confrontation of the two is the real attraction of this story.

This time the bloodshed in ‘The Boys’ is more than in the first season. Who would have thought that the technology of making films would also be used to create such scenes? Skulls crack like a ripe watermelon or tomato. Everything inside looks as if someone is trying to teach us human structure in a gruesome way by sitting in a science class.

If you liked the first season of ‘The Boys’, then this season has brought a lot of extras for you. Before this, three episodes have been released. There is a promise of a new episode every Friday ahead. There are eight episodes in total.

Seeing this, take care of yourself. The series is for adults only, so if you intend to watch it on the big smart TV of the house, then turn it on only after the kids have fallen asleep, and yes don’t forget to put on your Bluetooth earphones or earpods.

The Boys is based on people who are born with superpowers! In its first season, it was seen that Super Humans protect the country and save people from dangers! But at the same time, in the group he lives in, which has been given the title of (The boys), many types of crimes also happen in it!


Final Thoughts

The Boys, also known as The Seven because it is a group of seven people, is now led by the home lander after he killed the woman who ran the group in Season 1. On the other hand, those who want to bust The Seven.

At the end of the first season, it was shown that the child born to Butcher’s wife was actually not Butcher’s, but Homelander’s, which the Homelander himself accepts. If you have seen its first season then only you will be able to enjoy the second season because there are some things which we cannot tell you in words and can be understood only by watching it on screen.

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