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‘The Twilight Zone’ Not Moving Forward at CBS All Access (Exclusive)


Host/narrator Jordan Peel’s episodic storyline ran for two seasons of the serial, and Wednesday’s presentation did not include investors as the platform Paramount + has been rewritten. When Twilight Zone does not return to CBS All Access, it will be rebranded as Paramount + next month.

The anthology of executive producers Jordan Peel and Simon Kinberg has been canceled after two seasons running on the Viacombs-backed platform. Sources say both the Peel and Kinberg companies were set to walk away from the series to continue the CBS All Access / Paramount + series.

“Jordan Pele, Simon Kinberg, and the entire production team truly reunited The Twilight Zone for the modern era,” programming head Julie McNamara said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter.



“He retained the legacy of the classic series of socially conscious storytelling and inspired today’s audiences to explore all the new dimensions of thought-provoking and topical themes that we hope will keep the audience alive for years to come. Will resonate with. ”

The twilight arena was rebooted as a personal episodic anthology in late 2017 as individual episode anthologies were seen to take over where the beloved Rod Serling-produced series left off with a modern reimagining of the original drama. In addition to executing the production, Peele served as its host and narrator.

All told, Peel’s Twilight Zone went on for two seasons and 20 episodes and wrapped up its run last summer when CBS All Access dropped its weekly rollout to binge models. The series of Monkeypav Productions of CBS Studios and People attracted all of the cast including Steven Yun, Kay Umail Nanjiani, Rhea Sehorn, Sana Lathan, Adam Scott, Billy Porter, Jernie Smollett, and Chris Meloni.


There are reports of the Twilight zone ending as CBS All Access will relaunch as Paramount + on March 4. The cancellation came after ViacomCBS officials arrived on Wednesday. While the original Twilight Zone remains on the platform, a new season subscription was not part of the service’s plan.

Paramount + will emerge a number of originals from Taylor Sheridan, including two Yellowstone offshoots, a growing number of Star Trek originals, the final season of TV Land import Younger, Showtime transfer Halo, a new criminal mind, and many other originals away from Viacomcbs. ‘ Famous Brands. Read more on the big vision for the steamer here. Peele, meanwhile, has an overall TV deal with Amazon.


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