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Biden Administration Reviewing Trump’s Stalled TikTok Ban


< strong>Then-President Donald Trump issued an August 6 executive order, after which the Beijing-based parent company, with ByteDance or any of its subsidiaries, would prohibit “any transaction by any person”.


The Biden administration wants to stop a court battle with Donald Trump’s inherited ticket from the DOJ.

Trump sued after Donald Trump

issued an Aug. 6 executive order that would bar “any transaction by any person” with ByteDance, a Beijing-based parent company, or any of its subsidiaries. The order cited concerns about national security, corporate espionage, and censorship and relied on the authority granted by the International Emergency Economic Rights Act.

TikTok argued more restrictions than the president’s authority, violating users’ First Amendment rights and repealing the Administrative Procedure Act because it is arbitrary and scary. US District Judge Carl J.

Nichols prohibited Tiktok, the government acted outside its authority, the social video app was likely to succeed on the merits of its claims, and it would be irreparable damage if the ban were to take effect.

In a joint status report filed on Thursday, the parties informed Nichols that the new administration was looking into the underlying issues, which could reduce or end the dispute, and asked him to stay proceedings for 60 days to allow him to Get a chance to gain momentum.

“As the Biden administration takes over, the Commerce Department has begun a review of the recently released agency’s actions, including the Secretary’s prohibition regarding the Tickcock mobile application in this case,” states the filing.

“With respect to those prohibitions, the Department plans to evaluate the underlying record justifying those prohibitions. The government would then be better placed to determine whether the President’s Executive Order of August 6, 2020 and the National Security described in the Regulatory Whether or not a threat. The purpose of protecting Americans and protecting their data is to continue with the sanctions identified.

The Department of Commerce is committed to ensuring the viability of our security and maintaining personal rights and data privacy, as well as a strong defense of national security. ” D.C. to stop the government’s appeal of Nicholas’ decision. She is also asking the circuit, which Tiktok did not oppose.

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